I’m blogging again–this time a Viking Ocean cruise!

Heads up,world; watch out! Mom and I are traveling together again–this time on Viking’s new ocean-level ship, the Viking Star.

We fly out tomorrow, arriving in Stockholm hours (and hours, and hours, and hours…) later. We’ll get on that new cruise ship on Saturday afternoon after a day of exploring Stockholm on our own.

You can count on more “real world” reporting on everything from excursions to cabin features, food and the cruise experience. Lots of pictures, too, if I can get solid wifi on the Star.

Here’s the link to my newest blog. http://oceancruisenewbie.com

If you want email updates for the new blog, you’ll have to sign up over there for them; your “subscription” to this one can’t be transferred…sorry! As always, I look forward to your comments, tips and ideas. I’ve never done this ocean cruising thing before…

Won’t you travel along with us as we cruise the Baltic and explore some of Norway’s fjords?


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3 thoughts on “I’m blogging again–this time a Viking Ocean cruise!

  1. Maxine Bassett

    My bag is pack and I am ready to drive, fly and set sail. Aloha!!. Guess I am a little Hawaiian at heart. Mom


  2. Caryl Swinyard

    have a wonderful, safe trip.  love you both. Caryl


  3. Karen Baker

    Can’t wait for my vacation to start with you two….these blogged vacations are the best ones I have ever had…..thanks 😀


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