Here are your “Viking Daily” news sheets for the entire cruise!

IMG_3327I’ve just finished scanning (I know, finally, huh?) all four sheets of each day’s “Viking Daily” news sheets for our Amsterdam to Budapest itinerary on Viking River Cruises ion August 2014. Go here to see them.

I saved them as PDFs so you can read and even download ’em easier–but WordPress won’t let me put an “image” with each so on the page it just looks like a whole bunch of text links. It’s also out of order…grrrr…

You can click on each individually, I assure you, and see the day’s events and notes. These includes arrival and departure times in each port as well as other features of the port as well as shipboard activities.

I wish I’d had a copy of these before our cruise, even though I know things can change slightly each season and each cruise; it would have given this river cruise newbie more to look at, plan for and understand.


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5 thoughts on “Here are your “Viking Daily” news sheets for the entire cruise!

  1. Kathleen

    Thank you sooooo much. These are helpful even if you are traveling with another company. The info for each town is priceless! Downloading and printing for my Amsterdam to Budapest sailing with Avalon.
    Really sad when I’m thrilled to get Vikings dailies and can’t get my own!


  2. Thanks! I have been anxious to see these. I know anything can happen to the sailing schedule. but I have been looking for more detail on the amount of time in each port. I wonder though….we are going the opposite direction, so does that alter time spent in each port?


    • I believe it does change the timing, Julie. As I recall from last year, the “opposite direction” folks had longer times in some ports than we did and shorter ones in others. Not having their Viking Daily sheets, though, I’m not sure which were which!


  3. We’re doing this cruise in two weeks so this is most interesting to me, especially since we have never done one before. Thanks for posting!


    • You’re certain to have a great time, Cindy! I really enjoyed the itinerary–and in fall I bet it’ll even be more lovely.


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