Heads-Up: My “perfect” river cruise jacket is on sale until March 2, 2015

Nope, I get nothing–no remuneration, no commission, not even a “thank you”–from ScottEVest for this, but it’s a pretty amazingly low price (40 percent off) for the Sterling Jacket for Women which I found so darn perfect for my river cruise in Europe last summer.

I’m on their email list and it came through today–the sale is good for just a few days and the caveat is that there are no returns (but maybe you could exchange for a different size, I dunno…call ’em and find out).

The jacket’s on sale for $90. Wow! I wish they’d had that deal last year when I bought mine… Here’s the link to their site.

I loved this jacket for so many reasons on my river cruise (see here for details) and I’m definitely taking it on my upcoming Viking Star (Viking’s new “oceans” division) cruise of the Baltic in June!

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7 thoughts on “Heads-Up: My “perfect” river cruise jacket is on sale until March 2, 2015

  1. Patricia

    Are you planning another review? Ooops: I mean are you planning any travels soon? Loved this one and hope you will consider a review anytime you travel!


    • Yep—-stay tuned, Patricia. Mom and I found a cancellation on the brand-new Viking Star (we were surprised-—this one’s been sold out for months and months). We enjoyed our Viking river cruise so much that we thought why not try their new “oceans” line, as well? We’ll be boarding in Stockholm on May 30, 2015 for the “Viking Homelands” cruise.

      This time around I’ll be blogging from a new URL I “bought” (who knows how many of these Viking trips we’ll be taking). It’s: CruisingWithViking.com but I don’t have anything up there yet. I’ll cross-link to this blog as soon as I get it going.


      • Patricia

        Thanks so much for replying. Yours is one of the very best blogs I’ve read and it will be all your fault if we get away from ocean cruising and switch to river cruising on Viking! Have been questioning which line to try and now we know!
        Will bookmark the new site and await the fun with great anticipation.

        Happy planning and packing!


      • Mom and I are doing our first “ocean” cruise (does the Baltic count?) in a few months. I’m looking forward to comparing the upcoming trip with our river cruise last year. Since both are with Viking, perhaps it’ll be a good comparison since I’m guessing the aesthetics and customer service approach will be similar so I can really compare the river experience versus a bigger ship, “ocean” vacation. Lots of planning right now, though, you’re right!


      • Patricia

        I think Viking has a lot to offer on an ocean cruise, but it will be a HUGE change for them: vastly bigger ship, huge increase in crew and passenger complement, huge amount of food prep, everything! I was wondering about the itinerary: seems a bit strange to end in Bergen. Quite a long-winded flight home?

        Looking forward to reading all about your planning and packing soon!



  2. Looking forward to reading more from you! My Amsterdam to Budapest cruise on Avalon in Sept is getting closer by the day 🙂


    • Those fun river cruises can’t come too soon! Ours was the same starting and stopping points; I hope you enjoy Amsterdam and Budapest. I still have a few more posts to write and post. And hopefully some of the tips will help you!


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