A “review” on my SCOTTeVEST travel jacket

Note: I really appreciated my Sterling Jacket (by SCOTTeVEST) and, after I unpacked it this week from my suitcase, I popped a review over to the SCOTTeVEST folks to let them know. I thought I’d include it here, too, since I was asked about this jacket quite a few times while I was on the Atla. I received no compensation, no free jacket, no nothing to write this review. I wish I had…it was kinda pricey. But worth it for this trip certainly!


I’ve always wanted a SCOTTeVEST product and a three-week river cruise through Europe this summer “justified” it. ‘So glad I bought the Sterling (I purchased several models initially to see which one would “fit” me and my needs the best).

For sizing info, I bought a medium and it fit just right, both “empty” and “stuffed.” Note: I am 138 pounds, 5-ft 7 inches; I’m not particularly top- or bottom-heavy. My arms are short, but everything I purchase with long sleeves tends to be too long; sleeves on this were not so long as to be unattractive or a deal-breaker. I also gained a few pounds while traveling, but that’s another story…thankfully, the Sterling Jacket still fit me with room to spare.

I wore the Sterling Jacket in temperatures from low 50s (with the sleeves) to upper 80s. While the vest by itself was a bit warm to wear in the higher temps, it wasn’t untenable. Note: I’m looking at buying one of the travel vests (lighter weight material, no sleeves) for future summer travel (except it’s pretty pricey to have a duplicated vest, but you never know!).

Sterling_3_weeks_EuropeOn this trip, I would have been lost without the versatility of the Sterling. Zipping on the sleeves kept me warm while spending hours outside on the boat’s top deck, even in the cool evenings (it’s been a chilly summer in Europe this year). Yet you can zip off the sleeves, add a colorful scarf under the vest’s collar and look great in warmer weather.

The Sterling was the only jacket I brought. I had many compliments on it and recommended it to other passengers as well.

I do wish the Sterling had a light hood zipped into the collar; this would have made the jacket a “perfect” in my book.

As far as storage, this jacket never looked bulky from the outside (the slimming seams make it look quite stylish). I never carried the water bottle in the pocket (it’s just too heavy to carry water around) but I did load it up with my iPhone, the listening audio device/earphone provided by the ship, my compact camera, my RFID wallet, my passport, a leather coin purse (I prefer that to having loose change in the “coin” part of the front pocket), aspirin, gum, city maps, hairbrush, lipstick, a pen, key cards and assorted paperwork. When we purchased some unexpected items while out shopping, I even stuffed them into the back pocket–I *hate* carrying things with my hands! It was no problem.scottevest.JPG

I would recommend SCOTTeVEST remove the little white loops in the collar area for “cable management”–or at least soften them up. The one on the right side *always* rubbed me on the neck (where you’re pretty tender) and I had a red, agitated patch there where this loop rubbed my skin. Eventually, I guess, my neck “toughened up,” but at first I kept thinking I’d been bitten by a bug at that point!

Others on our ship had wallets stolen (watch out for the subways in Vienna as well as in Budapest) but I felt secure with my “stuff” zipped safely away–yet it was all easily accessible by me (try saying that about a money belt!).

By the way, we had a great time at the Prater amusement park in Vienna so I can personally attest that the Sterling Jacket survives rough-and-tumble roller coasters in style and comfort. While I might have fretted a bit about losing my supper on the twists and turns, I didn’t worry about losing a thing zipped inside my Sterling Jacket!

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17 thoughts on “A “review” on my SCOTTeVEST travel jacket

  1. Lily1234

    I love my Tilley vest, a canadian travel company!!! We leave on Sept 1 for same tour..


  2. I have a Tilley hat, Lily, and wore it happily many times on this vacation. Tilley makes great stuff, too.


  3. Karen Baker

    You have convinced me…..sounds like everyone should have one…even if you don’t travel…it is comfy and it looks spiffy and you can carry all your essentials!


  4. Rachel

    Another great post! I am so tempted to splurge on a vest. Your blog has really helped me plan for our trip in September. I’m hoping we will see more entries over the upcoming holiday weekend! No pressure.


    • I’m planning on some new posts this weekend, Rachel. But it’s also end of the month and that means I need to finish my bookkeeping first. But I’d rather be writing than doing those numbers (or paying the bills!).


  5. Rod

    I purchased a Sterling based on your earlier comments about it – got it just in time for our Amsterdam to Budapest cruise starting next week. Very happy with it so far, looking forward to making use of it on the trip.


    • I’ll bet you will–I especially appreciated the versatility since the weather (dry/wet) and temps (cool/hot) varied so much while we did this itinerary throughout August. Did you notice on the sleeves there’s a little “L” or “R” to make it easier to match up the correct sleeve with the vest? I’m directionally challenged and that clue seriously helped me out several times. Also, if you’re wearing the sleeves and it gets too warm while you’re out on a tour or adventuring around, just loosely roll the sleeves up and put them in the “back” pocket. Handy!


      • Rod

        Took me a few minutes, but I did notice the L/R tags – I would also be in trouble without them :). I plan to store them the back pocket – I was trying to think of a good use for it, then thought of the sleeves.


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  8. Rod

    Just to follow up, I’m on the cruise now in Rudesheim, and the jacket has been excellent. Great for carrying a variety of stuff. The weather has been very good, so full sleeves in the cool morning, then zip them off as it gets warmer.


  9. Thanks for all of your posts! We are first time cruisers sailing Budapest to Passau in late Oct, so many of your port reviews and ALL of your ‘insider tips’ are very helpful. I am sold on this jacket, but I would like to have at least a water resistant jacket (water repellant would be ideal, but I am realistic). Did you encounter wet weather, and can you speak to this jacket’s performance as rainy day wear?


  10. I get it–I, too, wish it’d been water resistant. The fabric on the Sterling jacket is definitely not a smooth/”slick’ feeling that would repel water. However, I wore it on damp, foggy days quite successfully. When we were in rain (and, yes, that happens, even on vacations), I wore a thin backpacking rain jacket (self-stores in its own pouch) *over* the Sterling. Didn’t look really spiff, but worked really well for me because it was bulk-free, lightweight and even had a hood (which, as you’ve read, I wish the Sterling had).

    I’d do it again the same way again because there were relatively few days of rain (if I was in Vietnam in the monsoon season, my decision would likely be different) and the Sterling was so stellar for all other applications I needed it for (versatile warmth, security, good looks). I’ve found that water “resistant” finishes sometimes make a jacket feel rather warmish; this jacket/vest was as warm as I’d need it for spring/summer/fall travel I think…

    In the meantime, I’d holler out to the SCOTTeVEST folks and tell them what’s on *your* wish list for the ideal travel jacket. My wish list would include a hood, some lightweight water resistance and retention of those nifty zip-on sleeves.

    [Just re-read my reply and realized I didn’t tell you that I *did* wear the Sterling on one morning with light rain without a cover up rain jacket. Water dropped on to it but didn’t soak up much at all. I was pretty surprised. Maybe it could be “treated” with a 3M spray for light water resistance???]

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  11. Rod

    The info that came with the jacket indicated that it was treated for water resistance. From website:

    Treated with Teflon® fabric protector to repel water, oil and stains.


  12. wow. Great review. Thanks so very much!!


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