Yes, I’m back—but I’m not done!

Yep, I’m back in the US but won’t be home until later today. But I’m not done!

I have at least a dozen posts remaining which I’ve begun and will continue with to update the site in the next week or so.

These will include:

  • Bratislava
  • Two on Budapest
  • Onboard food
  • Dealing with money
  • Flights and airports in Europe
  • Wifi on the ship
  • Staying healthy and, what, really, is an apotek???”
  • An interview with a couple who combined “running” with a river cruise
  • A post-cruise evaluation of what worked and what didn’t work well on my packing list
  • An essay on whether river cruising is for you
  • Overview of cruising with Viking, including the best as well as where and how I think Viking can improve

And, once back at the office I will scan each of the Viking Daily newsletters for this itinerary and post them.

The chef gave me the menus for all the dinners so they, too, will be scanned and I’ll put them here.

Plus, I’ll finally have the capability at my computer to add in the multiple galleries I’ve put together of photos of the trip (don’t miss my sure to be popular exhibits: “Doorknobs I Have Loved” as well as “Food Treats Held Aloft with Old Buildings in the Background”).

I continue to get questions from other river cruise newbies and I’ll post those as well as my—and your—answers to them.

To stay updated, click on the “follow” button over to the right. Since I am returning home after more than three weeks, I have to tackle work this week, too (egads, just imagine my desk!!!) so I’ll be adding these posts in fits and starts.

I’ve enjoyed hearing from so many of you and sharing what it’s like to take a river cruise. For those just planning your trips, be assured you’re in for a memorable adventure.

I have more to share!

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23 thoughts on “Yes, I’m back—but I’m not done!

  1. Rachel

    I am enjoying every post. We leave for our river cruise on 9/13… Get some rest then hurry and tell me everything we need to know!


    • You’re gonna have a wonderful time, Rachel, I’m certain (crossing fingers for great water levels–the only thing out of anyone’s control). I’m still dealing with jet lag (gee, it’s lovely to wake up every morning at 3:07 am…NOT!) but will get these posts done ASAP. It’s *my* diary of my trip, too, and I want to have it all in one place.


  2. Yay! I’m only sad that you probably won’t be done before we leave on 9/6 🙂


  3. Ah, but Liz, I’ll do as many as I can and, if your floating via Viking, there’s onboard wifi that works pretty well in addition to the two computers on board so you can see the updates and add your own comments!

    Hmmm…that’s definitely a subject I want to tackle, too: wifi and connectivity.


  4. Marilyn Moore

    I am looking forward to your upcoming posts. Have enjoyed each one. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Linda Graessle

    I have so enjoyed your posts and am looking forward to your other posts. Viking should employ you!! You have a great knack for writing….I hope you do it for a living also! We are on the Atla in late Oct. on the same trip you took so I am really looking forward to your remaining posts. Take care and so glad you made it back home safely.


  6. Dagmar

    Welcome back Ukalady. Recharge your batteries, all of them, and let us know about the last part of your trip. As always, I have one more request: if you talked to anyone on your trip who did a pre-cruise in Prague, which I doubt because of the geography on the Amsterdam to Budapest direction, but if you did talk to anyone who did it, let me know what they thought. I’m doing the reverse direction of Budapest to Amsterdam with a Prague pre-cruise, so I was mostly interested in the long bus ride from Prague to Budapest. If you’ve heard anything, please let us know. Now go get yourself a mochachino.


  7. sally

    I am a wanna-river-cruiser… your posts have given me so much valuable information. Now I REALLY want to try a trip like yours!

    Thanks so much!


  8. Joanne

    I am enjoying your posts and I find excitement building for our first river cruise. We will be doing similar ports with Vantage in July 2015.


  9. Priscilla Mullins


  10. Priscilla Mullins

    I have enjoyed your posts so much and am looking forward to more over the coming weeks. I am doing this cruise in October 2015 and reading your posts have made me even more excited to be going!


  11. Julie Matthews

    Just an every day thank you is not enough! Your blog is wonderful and I look forward to the rest of your posts – they will be entertaining and informative I am sure. At a certain point in Sunday School discussions today it was appropriate to mention your blog and how helpful it has been to so many. Your efforts are SO appreciated!


  12. I want to add my thanks to the growing list. We are taking the reverse trip in a little over a month and reading your blog has really helped me understand what to expect and what to prepare for. Can’t wait to read the rest.


  13. Debbie

    I have really enjoyed following your blog. As we will be taking our first river cruise on 09/10 on AmaSonata, I am looking for any & all advice! Looking forward to the rest of your posts, as we start our packing!


  14. Karen Baker

    I have so enjoyed your blogs…I looked forward everyday you were gone to your report….and they were amazing. Can hardly wait to see your posts when you get your sea and air legs back to normal. Thanks so much for also keeping us informed on how well and how much your mom enjoyed the trip…what a hoot she is 😀


  15. I’ll be anxious to hear about your WiFi experiences. We did Tulips and Windmills on the Atla earlier this year. I’ve pasted comments about WiFi from my review below.

    Lots of cruisers had tablets on the cruise. Being the nerd I am, our room contained a laptop, two iPads, and two Kindles, as well as our two iPhones. Internet access was a mixed bag. There were times when the system appeared to be overwhelmed, and was very unresponsive. There were other problems as well. The native email app on our iPads were never able to get mail (Yahoo and Gmail accounts). After loading the specific Yahoo mail and Gmail accounts, I was able to get to my email. There were other problems as well. I tried all week to sign onto my account to download additional e-books to my iPad or Kindle, and none of my devices was ever able to connect to the account. The Amazon home page loaded up OK, but when I clicked on “My Account,” the browsers always timed out.


    • dagmar

      I was hoping this issue would now be resolved. I’ve been reading about WIFi connectivity on Viking ships for several years. Is the Alta a 2014 ship? We’re going on the 2014 Kvasir in 3 weeks and I had thought of getting a signal booster for the room. Where signals better in the middle of the ship or if you connected directly using ethernet? I was hoping to e-mail at least one picture a day to my husband and friends and am wondering whether uploading is as difficult as downloading?


  16. I’d posted a reply yesterday to FuelScience, or thought I did ; )

    Here’s my brief summary of WiFi on the Atla (a 2013 ship): I think a lot depends upon your room location. We were in 329, top floor, past midway back. I had plenty of connectivity from the room (really, I was sitting in bed most evenings!) to do text messaging, send emails (with a photo or two, resized down for easier sending), updating this blog (including multiple photos), download new books from Amazon and cruise the Internet.

    The WiFi connection didn’t vary from being in port to being on the river (and I was a pretty frequent user). The problem times were those when we were in or near a lock (all that concrete).

    There was *not* enough bandwidth to use TeamViewer (virtual desktop) or use FaceTime/Skype from any location on the ship. Outdoors up top, the signal was plenty strong to do everything I could do in my room; this “good” location was from forward of the stairs to the front of the ship. Lounge and anything on the third floor public areas was great WiFi.

    I did hear from friends, however, who had “sketchier” connectivity (as in, it was spotty) down on the first floor, not near the front.

    I’ll make sure my WiFi post is done sooner rather than later!


  17. Indiana Js

    Please make the post on “what worked and didn’t from what you packed” one of the first you write to help several of us who are leaving soon for the same trip and would love to have this info BEFORE we leave, in less than two weeks now. Thanks for sharing your experience; it is one of the best blogs I’ve read.


  18. Look forward to reading your post on the exercise bit:-)
    Was great to meet you and your mum on the cruise we share our stories with many about how vibrant you mum is and how she taught me a lesson about life – ENJOY each moment no matter the age!!

    Paula and William (the young un’s)


    • It’s almost finished, Paula! Doesn’t work get in the way sometimes??? But I’m almost done with the end-of-the-month bookkeeping so I’ll have more time for writing.

      And, I’m back into my own short runs: ‘had this year’s best pace during yesterday morning’s run. And had so much fun! Yay!


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