What do those optional tours cost?

I’ve been asked a few times about the cost of the optional tours on our Viking “Grand European Tour.”

I don’t have a scanner with me (surprised, aren’t you?), but I pulled out the sign up sheet for those optional tours and took a photo of both so you can see.

Look on the (very empty so far) “Photos” page on this site for both tour sheets.

An alert about optional tours: Study the tour details ahead of time (on the Viking website is easiest) and decide early on if it’s a tour you’d like to take. Keep in mind not only the financial cost of the optional tour but also whether you’ll be “missing” anything else on that day if you take the optional tour.

Sign up as soon as you board or as soon as your cruise director passes out the info sheets about the optional tours. On our cruise, many of the tours filled up very quickly and Viking isn’t always able to make room for extra passengers.

Signing up is a contract though (as in, “this will be charged to your room whether you go or not”) so do make sure it’s what you want to do before signing your name to the excursion sheet.

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One thought on “What do those optional tours cost?

  1. Uklady, we are enjoying every word you write. We will be following in your wake in a couple of weeks.


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