Here’s what our feet are shod with for tours…

I am not a “shoe” fanatic—back home those expensive, exclusive “name” shoes don’t earn a place in my closet. But, heading into this river cruise, I was pretty focused on a Goldilocks search to find the “just right” footwear.

My overarching (or would that be an under-foot arch?) goal, was discovering a shoe that would be comfortable for walking on various surfaces (I’d read that cobblestones can be tough going), soft enough to be comfortable but also provide solid support. Cute would be nice, too.

I settled on three pairs of flats for this trip (all black, to make things easier); I threw in a favorite pair of sandals at the last minute because I had lots of extra room and weight.

Looking around on our day excursion to Rothenburg (with an afternoon tour following of the Bishop’s Residenz in Wurzburg), I thought I’d share with you the shoes that I spotted on the feet of fellow passengers. At day’s end, these all seemed to “work” for folks: no one was rubbing sore toes or complaining on the bus returning back to dock at 6 pm. Some seemed quite stylish, others more practical. I’m showing more shoes worn by women because I’ve received more questions from women (gee, guys, do you not care about your shoes as much as we do? Ha!).

Have fun looking at feet in Rothenburg and Wurzburg! And, just added today, feet in Nuremburg.

Why the delay in adding some? Well, it’s not always easy to “catch” shoe shots and it’s taken me a bit of time to do so. At dinner tonight, someone told me upon meeting me, “Oh, you’re the one taking pictures of people’s shoes. ” Sigh…fame is a tenuous thing to grab hold of, isn’t it?




But not these (below)!!!

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2 thoughts on “Here’s what our feet are shod with for tours…

  1. Ellen

    Wow what an array of shoes! I was contemplating open toe shoes and glad to see they are working out for people. Hope the shoes you decided upon are working out.


  2. Karen Baker

    Most of them looked pretty comfortable….but my favorite was the last pair….as I have a side foot…they looked really roomy 😀


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