What my ScottEVest carried…

I like to travel–not that I get the opportunity to do a lot of it but I so enjoy reading and thinking about it. I even like to help others with *their* travel plans by making plane reservations and researching lodging and activities. In short, travel forums and TripAdvisor are my guilty online pleasures.

So it was with great joy that I was finally able to “justify” a purchase from ScottEVest because of this river cruise. This company specializes in creating a variety of wearables loaded with pockets to carry travel “necessities.” Not just a pocket here or there but oodles of pockets. And the joy is that the pockets, unlike the cargo-type vests and pants, don’t “show” on the outside.

Mark just laughed when I showed him the ScottEVest “Sterling” jacket I purchased (nice of him to smile, too, considering it wasn’t cheap). As a travel greek, having a vest/jacket like this just felt like fun. And I don’t care if you think it sounds silly.

With this vest on, I don’t have to carry a bag of any sort with me. On our jaunts yesterday (Amsterdam) and today (Haarlem) I carried everything in this photo in my multitude of pockets–plus I had a squarish bottle of Fiji water that I forgot to add to the picture. And it didn’t feel heavy or awkward. Really!

I looked at the photos Mom took of me today and you really can’t tell I have all this with me.

And tonight, when I’m typing on the top outdoor deck of the Atla as we prepare for our push-off from the dock in 15 minutes, I’ve zipped the arms on to the vest and I’m toasty warm (should I need a few “extra” pockets, the arms each even have one sewn in. Not sure what I’d use ’em for…but I’ve got ’em!).

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6 thoughts on “What my ScottEVest carried…

  1. Sally

    Your comment about having to add on the sleeves to your vest makes me wonder what the temperature is like outside. Would it be possible to mention that in future posts? Thanks.


  2. Kathleen

    I have a black ScotVest and really like it but it’s just the vest, so now I’ll need to check out the jacket version!
    Be sure and let us know how today’s train adventure went.
    Have a great evening!


  3. George

    Enjoy the Atla and your cruise! We sailed her for the Tulips and Windmills cruise earlier this year.


  4. Karen Enlow

    Hmm, I may have to look into one of those vest for our trip to Italy!


  5. Lily1234

    I have a Tilley vest, mens small, and used it on back to back cruises thru the Med. I was the pack mule and carried everything for every one on that cruise.


  6. Karen Baker

    ScottEvest sounds like just what I need….when I am grocery shopping..or any shopping I hate lugging my purse….in this I could carry my debit card, drivers license and grocery list and car keys so easy 😀


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