All packed–just under 25 pounds for luggage…

IMG_0743…and my Patagonia over the shoulder carry-on is under 8 pounds (including that heavy old iPad and its equally heavy keyboard).

Yay–my “office work” is done, the luggage is packed and I’m ready to head to bed. I leave tomorrow to fly to Mom’s home then on Saturday we shuttle over to LAX for our flight to Amsterdam. After all the anticipation and planning, there were days (today, especially) I thought this wouldn’t happen!

And, yep, the Eagle Creek bag is really under 25 pounds, fully packed. It’s a light suitcase to start with so that really helps.

Thanks to all for the packing tips and ideas to help me “go light” and still have plenty of items for comfort.

See you in Amsterdam!IMG_0740

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2 thoughts on “All packed–just under 25 pounds for luggage…

  1. Carolyn

    O boy, Tonya. Thanks for “taking” us along on your trip. I’m so looking forward to reading all about your experiences. Have fun and give your Mom a hug for me!


  2. Maxine Bassett

    All packed and waiting for you.


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