Leaving tomorrow, and still working…but look what I’m listening to:

IMG_0729The last day before leaving for vacation is always a challenge. Being self-employed, I think it might be even more challenging…

I contacted clients six weeks ago to tell them I’d be gone for three (!) weeks and told them the last date they could have projects to me for finishing. Most complied. Some did not. I’m spending time this morning finishing up writing, design and print jobs.

And that’s the time I was going to devote to packing, getting my “electronics” charged, prepped (clearing off lots from the iPad to leave room for photos), downloading apps, photocopying travel docs (leave one copy with Mark, take paper and electronic versions with me). Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get to it all before tonight’s final 6:30 pm client meeting…right?

But even in the midst of all the “work,” it’s impossible to ignore that excitement about this trip that continues to bubble up inside. So while I’m working I’m also listening to various Rick Steves podcasts about the areas we’ll be visiting. Steves, a consummate tour guide has a free app, RickSteves Audio Europe Travel App, which includes oodles of short audio programs, including interviews, history, culture and even kilometer-by-kilometer guides down the Rhine as well as walking tours in various cities.

What I like about the app (in addition to getting me even more “in the mood” for tomorrow’s departure) is that I can choose from a huge variety of topics and, once downloaded, the various podcasts don’t require Internet connectivity to play. When I’m done listening, I just delete the audio to make more room on my phone.


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