I know it’s getting close—it’s LDTGAFA* day…

After all these months of planning, poring over web descriptions, reading Cruise Critic and typing lists (things to see, things to get done, things to buy, things to pack, things to remember…sigh…), the set-off day for our Grand European Tour is getting closer.

How do I know for sure? Well today it’s officially LDTGAFA Day. What? You don’t recognize that occasion? Well, it’s the *Last Day To Get Anything From Amazon Day.

Yep, after filling my shopping cart again and again on Amazon (and, yes, pulling more items out of the cart than ever stayed in it for actual purchase), today was the final day I could receive anything from this online megastore in time for packing it for this trip.

The final item arrived today—a splurge, it’s a tiny little (dual voltage) Baybyliss Pro titanium travel flat iron, and it’s the nicest color. I have a full-size iron but it’s a pricey thing and I didn’t want to take it along. As soon as my friendly UPS guy drove up with the new travel flat iron this morning, I unpacked it, plugged it in and tried it out. It made smooth strands, is hot enough to do the job and easy to pack. Just perfect for this trip! [Revised for clarity: This is a curling iron/flat iron for my hair, folks!]package

But, back to the timeline. Now, no matter what I spot on Amazon (and please, don’t tempt me with overnight shipping–I’m a Prime shopper all the way), it’s too late to receive it because I’m less than 48 hours from boarding Southwest for the first leg of this trip.

Oh boy, oh boy!

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7 thoughts on “I know it’s getting close—it’s LDTGAFA* day…

  1. Betty Maxey

    I am taking the same cruise October 30. Have a great time!


  2. Poconolady

    I hate to burst your bubble, but irons are not allowed on most river cruises. Be sure to check your cruise line restrictions before you haul it overseas.


    • Uh, oh! I’ve put an email in at Viking…I *did* find in the FAQ that one of the questions referred to curling irons (“What kind of converters will I need for my computer/curling iron/camera battery charger?”) and the answer didn’t nix them. Hmmmm…I’ll post here when I get the clarification. In the meantime, I’ll keep my fingers crossed!


      • ‘Just heard back from Viking: my curling iron is permitted on the new “Longships” which Viking operates. Here’s the word from Rachel at Viking: “I just checked and you can definitely bring your curling iron and/or flat iron. They don’t work on all of our older ships, but you are scheduled on a Longship, so it should work just fine.”

        Thank goodness; I’ll look much better in those photos we’ll be taking while cruising!


  3. Ha ha silly me I thought you meant an iron for your clothes!!


  4. Oh, I hadn’t thought of that when writing it, Linda! It was definitely a *hair* iron. And without it, I’d certainly not be smiling in all those photos…


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