Things to take to make life better: Part 3, everything else!

Part Three: “Other” items for this 15-day river cruise, plus pre- and post-trip extensions:

  • Money stuff (another post, I think…).
  • ID and travel documents (backup as a PDF on iPads as well as left at home).
  • Flat hair iron.
  • Makeup, lotions, favorite shampoo—you know, the stuff to make you presentable. And, yes, I know Viking boasts l’Occitane products, but I’m not sure that’s going to be what my hair will like!
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sunhat (collapsible).
  • Sunscreen.
  • 8 small wire clips for hanging items to dry on shower clothesline. Also, two old-fashioned wire hangers to use for damp clothes on the clothesline, if needed.
  • ZipLoc bags (3 gallon, 4 quart). These are travel wonders no matter where you’re going, but river cruise forum members said the large could be used for washing clothes (the sinks are said to be pretty small and not best for washing a few clothes items) and the smaller bags can help me spirit a few pastry/fruit/cheese treats back into the stateroom for between-meal munchies.
  • Dr. Bonner’s liquid soap for laundry (I like the smell!).
  • A small money belt. Another item I’m not sure I’ll use since there is a safe in the stateroom and my PacSafe hip bag is “slash proof” and has multiple anti-theft features, but maybe this’ll be what I need for “transport” days…

If you’ve read all three of these and you see something I’m missing, please tell me!


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16 thoughts on “Things to take to make life better: Part 3, everything else!

  1. Kathleen

    Order at least 200 Euros from your bank. Yes I know everyone says to just get at ATM when you get there but…..

    You land in a foreign country, jet lagged and exhausted. You get mom and all carry ons organized and tromp thru the airport to bagged claim.

    Being tired with all this going on the last thing you want to do is figure out where to get money. Just my two cents and this has worked well for me thru several trips!

    Make sure you have at least two credit cards…. If one has an issue you still have a back up, same with ATM cards tied to different accts…. If one does not work you are not blocked from accessing $$$$ 🙂


  2. Ooh, thanks for those tips, Kathleen. I know the trip is pre-paid and most tours are included, but I’m sure I can find some great places to spend money ; )


  3. Kathleen

    You just need to make sure you have cash in your pocket for an emergency. You don’t want to need to go in search of $ especially while you are with your mom.


    • Or when either of us needs to make a visit to a bathroom requiring coins! Now that *would* be an emergency!


  4. Becki

    You mentioned that you would not have a converter, just an adapter, with you. Is your flat iron dual voltage? If not, you will need a converter or a different flat iron for your postcruise hotel.


    • Yes, Becki, the flat iron is dual voltage. I’ve spent lots of time with a magnifying glass studying little tiny type checking all the electronic gear I’m taking. When did that type get so small?


  5. George Parks

    You might consider a pair of compact binoculars. I found them useful–especially when traveling the Rhine gorge with all the castles.


  6. Kathleen

    You will still need an “adaptor” for your flat iron….the sockets aren’t configured like ours in the US. So you might have the proper voltage/watts but not the ability to actually plug in….


  7. Never mind I see you’ve got that handled! 🙂


  8. Elizabeth Fader

    Gosh, I’m excited for you! Going on my first river cruise (Budapest to Nuremberg) next year with girlfriends – be afraid, Also traveling to Ireland this Oct, my first solo international. I’ll be reading you informative, yet hilarious posts. Good luck!


    • I’m thinking a river cruise could be the ultimate best girlfriends trip. Loll on the top deck watching castles pass by. Wander into little towns searching out great little shops. Free wine at dinner–and nobody’s worried about driving. Oodles of snapshot opportunities. Calories to indulge in and ignore the effect of…yep, that’d be it for certain. Of course, the staterooms do seem a little small to pile into and hold all night long gab tests–and how, in heaven’s name, will you decide who gets the single plug for their flat iron???? But, I’ll keep you posted as I travel and try to pass along some tips for “girlfriend adventuring” on a river cruise!


  9. KLouie

    Regarding currency, my sister-in-law who has been on 2 river cruises said the local tour guides will accept any currency money as tips. That being said, I think I would feel better having local currency just in case. The Prague-to-Budapest river cruise will take us through countries using 3 different currencies (Czech Koruna, Germany/Austria Euros, and Hungary Forint), so we’ll have to get 3 different currencies. I haven’t decided to get them at our bank before we leave or use the local ATM when we get there as Rick Steves suggests.


  10. Maxine Bassett

    This little ole lady could care less about a flat iron, you can just go natural and you can leave the plug for (my) CURLING iron.


  11. We’ll see who wakes up first in the morning…the early bird gets the plug!


  12. Jennifer

    Oh my goodness !! So excited for you two!!


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