Things to take to make life better: Part 2, flight comfort

Part Two: Comfort items on the plane (these will be in my carry-on shoulder bag)

  • Patagonia Lightweight Travel Courier Shoulder Bag. My carry-on that will do duty if I need it at ports, too. Folds up in a tiny pocket but I think it’s going to be unfolded and well-used during this trip. Padded shoulder strap, a few little zip pockets. Really a nifty bag.
  • Zojirushi travel water bottle. Simply the best water bottle around. Sturdy, insulated, never ever leaks (unless you put carbonated liquid in it before flying. Oops…)
  • Travelrest inflatable pillow. Looks weird, I know, but I tried it on a red-eye back from Hawai’i and it was the best sleep I’ve ever had in a plane. It keeps me from flopping over forward while sleeping, or, worse, flopping sideways on to a seat mate. Ugh! Rolls up small.
  • Eyeshade—and it’s turquoise. I like to think I’m giving folks a smile when they wander down the airplane aisle in the middle of the night and catch sight of me in these bright little eyeshades. Think very large—and bright—bug eyes. Yep, that’s it.
  • Trail mix, nuts, breath mints.
  • Meds for “just in case” including Tylenol, Bonine, antihistamine, decongestant, lomotil and No-Jet-Lag pills (okay, I don’t know if they’ll work, but I’m giving ’em a try; we’re flying east across oodles of time zones and I figure these might be useful).
  • My trusty Olba inhaler. I’m in love with these things; one little sniff and I get a blast of wintery freshness that just cheers me up. Especially nice when flying and you wake with that icky feeling that your head has been bouncing around in a clothes dryer for hours.
  • Electronic devices/chargers needed on plane (listed above).
  • Disposable wipes for seat trays, armrests, etc. Hand sanitizer.
  • Headlamp. I always fly with one of these. I know, I know, if a plane were going down you probably would be no better off with a headlamp, but it makes me feel like I could find my way out of someplace better in the dark.
  • Stain stick. Just in case that mocha downed in the boarding area seeks out my blouse as a likely target as I sip my Starbucks.
  • Pashmina and socks (these are mentioned on my “what to wear” page).
  • Firm-sided glasses case. I learned this one after my most recent Hawai’i red-eye. If you’re going to sleep (especially with eyeshades), you need to take off your glasses. Put ’em somewhere safe or they’ll get smushed in your pocket or folded into your blouse neckline.

Next, Part 3: The rest of the stuff!

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2 thoughts on “Things to take to make life better: Part 2, flight comfort

  1. Sarah V

    Ok, I love your style of writing and thinking, I want to be your friend! I’m having great fun reading all of your thoughts. I will be taking the Rhine Getaway on November 22 so just stopped by to see what another river newbie was planning. Have a fantastic cruise.


    • Is that one of those “Christmas market’ cruises? Those sound like great happiness to me (snow flurries, all those cocoa drinks I’ve read about–and no need to bake a 14-pound turkey back home). But Mom, having been raised on a tiny dairy farm in Wisconsin, says she’s not paying anyone to be cold. Not even if she could have a full veranda suite onboard. Hence our August trip. Have fun planning yours!


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