Things to take to make life better: Part 1, electronics

My husband taught me to backpack. In the past 30 years of trekking with everything I’ve needed on my back (including that very necessary little orange shovel), I’ve certainly learned the value of packing light.

But, heck, this is a river cruise, right? And I’ll be gone for three weeks from start to finish. So, while I’m certainly aware of the value of cutting every ounce, I’m doing it with a solid nod to comfort as I pack for this trip. This means I’m bringing my trusty iPad, the iPhone (but turning off “data” and “roaming”), my favorite little camera and other assorted goodies. Hiking down a dusty trail without a flat iron for my hair is very do-able; being presentable for days on end to the same 180+ folks on the Viking Atla is not possible without same flat iron. Besides, I’d look yucky in all those photos we’re planning on taking…

I pored over web pages, pondered Amazon listings (and the all-important reviews) and borrowed stuff from more worldly traveling friends to pull together those items that are going to make me happy. Or at least I hope they do.

Part One:  Electronic considerations:

  • Two iPads (old-school, not the new ones with lightning connectors). Three charging cables (sometimes a cable goes bad unexpectedly).
  • Two iPhones (one of each connection style). Two more charging cables.
  • Old iPod Touch (just for music on the plane; it’s so very stingy with power and is loaded with 6 gigs of Hawaiian music to relax to as the flight hours stack lazily one atop the next). Will use the cables from above since it won’t be used often.
  • Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad (‘couldn’t live without it for lengthy typing). MicroUSB charging cable.
  • Two Canon cameras (Mom’s is an Elph 330, mine is an S110), each with charger and one extra battery.
  • Zen earbuds for plane (with three-prong adaptor, but I don’t think those are needed on Lufthansa; better safe than sorry, though)
  • Camera card connector for iPad (transfers photos from our camera cards directly to the iPad, no wifi required).
  • One MonsterPlug four-plug “extension” powerstrip/cord. These are great for “sharing” power connections in airports; if you get to a boarding area too late to snag a power slot, you can ask someone to unplug their charger, you plug in this powerstrip then you can both use the single slot.
  • Targus Power Adapter. This is NOT a converter; I looked at all my devices and found I do not need the converter. I’m not even sure I’ll need this because Viking says the boats have US-style outlets, but I also read there are the European outlets, too, so with this adapter I can utilize more outlets, if needed. Also good for hotels (in case water levels are low/high and this turns into more of a bus trip with hotel stays). Besides, a friend who travels around the world a lot loaned it to me…
  • Anker 36W, 4-port USB hub. Two of the ports are the “high” charging output for the iPads.

Continued, Part 2: Comfort items on the plane

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One thought on “Things to take to make life better: Part 1, electronics

  1. KLouie

    I saw your post on cruise critic and thought I would drop by to see how you are preparing for your trip. We will be doing the Nuremberg to Budapest cruise in early September with extra days in Prague and Budapest. This will be our first river cruise and we are going with Gate1.

    I am still debating whether to bring my dslr camera or my Canon Powershot G15. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Thank goodness for ipads/tablets these days so we don’t have to lug around our laptops. Thanks for creating this blog and I look forward to future posts.


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