Goodies from Viking!

Viking_goodiesOh, boy—this trip is getting closer!

A “personalized” itinerary booklet, two small books about the rivers we’ll be traveling, a zip case for iPad and travel documents, and a handful of nifty little Viking-labeled travel accessories arrived today. For those of you with upcoming trips, the package got to me about three weeks before we depart so you can look for yours about then, too.

The itinerary book is obviously a “print on demand” book, utilizing the standard Viking itinerary description combined with details of our trip. It’s neat to have this little book, but, geesh, why didn’t they send us a download link for a PDF of it, too? Then we could keep it on our iPads for easier reading (and less bulk to carry with us). Plus, I’d have a full itinerary, personalized with flights, etc., to leave home with hubby.

So, I photocopied the first few “personalized” pages and then, using Acrobat Pro, added those pages to the beginning of the Viking “Grand European Tour” Amsterdam to Budapest PDF itinerary online at Viking (thanks to BlueFine on Cruise Critic’s European river cruise forum for pointing me to that resource). Now I have just what I need…but it would have been nicer if Viking had provided it that way in the first place.

While we’re at it, I’ll put in my wish for the two additional books (one on the Danube, the other on the Rhine) to be in PDF format, too.  You see, since Viking advertises that the zip case is for an iPad (or tablet), why not give us the documents in a form that can be read on the tablets?

If you wondered, you can put a standard iPad in the case, but you’d have to take off any case you have on the iPad first; it’s just too snug of a fit. Of course, if you have an iPad Mini it’d fit in it, case and all. Do you think I can justify a new iDevice just for that reason? Hmmm…probably not.

Also slipped in the black zippered case are a red leather luggage tag (or something supposed to look like leather if leather was red), two paper tags for luggage handles, a nifty red sticker for me to wear when I get off the plane so the Viking folks doing the transfer can spot me more easily—and, there’s nothing like a bright red sticker to add to my travel style ; )

Everything is proudly blazoned with the Viking logo. Of course.

I have some reading ahead of me…

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One thought on “Goodies from Viking!

  1. Kathleen

    How fun!


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